Godly Play Sunday School

The use of Montessori's approach to education has been adapted to Godly Play in order to stimulate children's active participation in story and ritual and to awaken their creativity for the learning of the language, sacred stories, parables, liturgical action and silence of the Christian tradition. This is the most appropriate kind of language to cope with the existential limits to our being and knowing. The objective of Godly Play is to nourish the spiritual and moral development of children and approach spiritual formation as playful orthodoxy. The tradition of orthodoxy, when combined with the creativity of play, allows for the integration of what are often thought of as opposites and make room for God to become manifest in the community of children. The vision of Godly Play is to create a positive, long-term approach to religion in the world by teaching the Christian religion to children in a way that deeply centers them and keeps them open to others and the future in creative ways.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Individuals are always welcome to help underwrite new Godly Play kits and curriculum materials.

Contact: Amy Purdy (402) 289-4020